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Play to Earn?

StepInu ready to bring its users into a virtual game world with countless new experiences and outstanding economic benefits - Doggo Battlefield.
Doggo Battlefield is more than just a game. Doggo Battlefield is a vast world, a culture, a society, an endless landscape with endless possibilities. Not only will players have the opportunity to collect assets (NFT) and earn money simply by playing, but we will also provide players with an unlimited and no-tutorial Metaverse.
2. Fascinating plot
“Bang" - gunfire has exploded in the Far West, the brutal war has really begun!
The sound of gunfire in the night broke the calm atmosphere, breaking the peace on the Doggo planet. The people of the Far West with greed and hatred are coming to the Far East. They want to fight and rule this rich land.
It all started with the irony of creation, when the East of the land, where the sunlight is bright, has extremely rich nature, and the West of the globe is a place with a harsh climate with many different lands like barren, cold, or hot and dry. The Shiba King ruled the East with a loving heart, the Eastern Doggos worked hard in farming, cultural and economic construction. Meanwhile, in the Far West, Pitbull Lord always focuses on building an army, ready for the annexation of the Far East.
After thousands of years of persistent clashes, Pitbull and the Western legion started a great war. A powerful army of Knights, Hunters, Archers, Warhorses, Witches, Wizards, ... are ready to spread terror wherever they go. The East Coast is also not a place without talent, Eastern Doggo is forged in the cradle of martial arts, they have outstanding Samurai, Imperial assassins, Miasma Ninja, Swordsman, ...
Where will the Doggo planet go, who is brave enough to unify the dog species and end this chaotic period? Find the answer yourself in Doggo Battlefield!
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